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training camps for road cyclists in southern spain


bici-almeria is different to most cycle tours set ups ... i run it and i am just a regular road bike rider who enjoys a good trip away riding with good company, great weather and most important of all fantastic roads with very little traffic


after many years of  self-organised trips with friends to the traditional locations for riding holidays - the alps, pyrenees, riccione, ventoux, girona etc i decided to organise a trip for me and my mate ed in february a few years back now


where could we go? it had to be warm, have quiet roads, nice hotels, good food & drink and decent hills - i decided on almeria as i had been there on a holiday a year or so before and fell in love with the place ... it struck me as a fantastic place to ride a bike, all the things i was looking for, ticked each box ... i was also looking for bolt hole to buy but more of that later ...


the trip was sensational and the first seeds of bici-almeria had been sown - some of the pics on this site are from that first trip back in 2007 - the roads were deserted, surfaces brilliant, stunning descents, plenty of long steady climbs between 5-10%, excellent places to stay and eat, all in all it was a very, very good place to go a ride a road bike in the middle of the nasty british winter


so late in 2008 bici-almeria was born and the first group came over in february 2009 - ed has been back again many times - and now having done our 8 years of taking groups to our bit of south-eastern spain, we are getting pretty damn good at it - come along and see for yourself.

what attracted me to almeria ... brilliant empty roads



Informal bici-almeria trip staying in Almeria city centre


Monday 25th May to Sunday 31st May


5 days riding


1 flat ride

3 mid mountain rides

1 big mountain ride


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